We are not connected to any energy provider
so who are we?

Community Energy Direct is a non-profit support organisation for local volunteer-led groups (Energy Smart Clubs) to help households within the community to resolve energy issues.


We help our volunteers (Energy Smart Champions) to set up their own local knowledge hub (Energy Smart Club) for anyone who wants help to find out about energy and how to use their home in a more energy efficient manner.

Case Study One

We held a session in Rochdale where householders could learn more about Community Energy Direct’s collective switch programme and also sign-up to save energy.
The project covered six local authority areas in Yorkshire and Rochdale and was launched in February and closed in May.

CED established a partnership with five local authorities, three registered housing providers and nearly 50 community organisations.

Who did we help?
• We engaged with 70,000+ households.
• Around 7,000 households registered.
• 613 (around 10%) switched energy supplier to save up to £500 per year.

Financial savings:
• Average saving was £173/year.
• The largest single saving was £500+
• Around 3,500 households received better offers on their energy deals.